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  • Akashi Sports Orthopedic & Joint Surgery Center
  • Akashi Sports Orthopedic & Joint Surgery Center
  • Akashi Sports Orthopedic & Joint Surgery Center
  • Akashi Sports Orthopedic & Joint Surgery Center


With the rapid advancement of medical technology, orthopedic surgery has become increasingly segmented and specialized. Sports medicine and joint surgery in particular are fields that require a constant updating of knowledge and technologies to expand the use of minimally invasive surgeries such as arthroscopic surgery and to improve rehabilitation techniques. To keep providing a higher quality of medical treatment to patients, therefore, it is necessary to employ doctors and rehabilitation staff who have sufficient expertise and techniques and to introduce the most advanced medical equipment.

Against this background, the Center was opened in 2012 with the aim of providing the highest quality medical treatment. Since then, a large number of patients have visited the Center. We feel proud that we have been able to give high quality support to them so that they can resume sports activities and the activities of daily living. With the recent addition of medical staff and the new opening of the department of internal sports medicine, we have further enhanced our medical care system. If you have pain in or any trouble with your shoulder or the knee, please do not hesitate to come to the Center.

Hisayoshi Tachihara, Director of the Center

The Center was featured in Sunday Mainichi, a Japanese weekly news magazine, in its column series, “Jonetsu Iryou (passionate medicine) Professional Doctors.”

bnr-professional -doctor

名医のいる病院 2023 整形外科編

Our center was listed as one of the Hospitals with the Best Doctor 2023 Orthopedics Edition published by the Iryo Shimbun Co., Ltd .

Click the right image, and you can see the PDF file of the article.

Where do you have pain in your body?


About treatment

“Tailored & high-quality” rehabilitation
[Conservative therapy]

The Center places a great emphasis on rehabilitation therapy. Indeed, a majority of sports injuries can be improved through rehabilitation alone. We accept a wide range of patients—from primary and junior high school students to middle-aged and senior citizens, and from recreational exercise lovers to high-performance athletes—and provide “tailored & high-quality” rehabilitation according to individual physical conditions and abilities. Because pain in the shoulder or knee experienced by middle-aged and senior citizens is mainly caused by improper posture (malposture) or muscle deterioration, stress on the joint and the resulting pain can be alleviated through adjustment of the entire body in a rehabilitation program.

Surgeries that pose only a small burden on the body
[Surgical treatment]

For patients whose ailments are difficult to treat with rehabilitation or medication alone and require surgical treatment, we make it a rule to choose the least invasive operative method possible. At the Center, arthroscopic procedures are available for every joint of the body. By selecting less invasive procedures centered on arthroscopic surgeries, patients are likely to experience less postoperative pain and be able to resume sports activities or the activities of daily living at an early date.

What is an arthroscope?

The disadvantage of a conventional joint surgery is that it requires a large incision, which damages surrounding healthy tissues. Therefore, such surgery imposes a heavy burden on the patient and increases the time required for recovery.
With recent advancements in arthroscopic surgical technology, it has become possible for doctors to perform joint surgery only with an incision as tiny as 5mm in a safe and highly precise fashion.
Our hospital introduced a state-of-the-art arthroscope (with a 4K high resolution screen) in April 2017 for more precise joint surgeries.

stryker 4K surgical display

stryker 1588 AIM Platform(Camera Head)

Major joint disorders treated at the Center (past surgical record)

Upper limbs Shoulder joint ● Rotator cuff tear ● Recurrent dislocation of shoulder joint ● Glenoid labrum injury
● Shoulder osteoarthritis ● Acromioclavicular dislocation ● Fractures around the shoulder
Elbow joint ● Baseball elbow ● Osteochondritis dissecans ● Elbow osteoarthritis
Lower limbs Knee joint ● Anterior cruciate ligament damage ● Meniscal tear ● Knee osteoarthritis ● Osgood disease
Hip joint ● Hip osteoarthritis ● Labrum injury
Ankle joint ● Lateral ligament damage

A majority of shoulder and elbow ailments, and sports disorders respond well to conservative therapy centered on rehabilitation. However, severe cases that accompany a tear of the tendon or ligament tend not to recover to a satisfactory level with conservative therapy alone. In such cases, we repair the damaged region by selecting a safe and secure procedure that imposes a minimal burden on the body.
The following table shows all cases of shoulder and joint surgeries performed in one year at the Center:

Our record of shoulder and elbow surgeries performed in fiscal 2022
(from January through December 2022)(Okubo Hospital + related facilities)

Disorders Operative methods Number of cases
Rotator cuff tear Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair 110
  Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty 20
  Others 0
Impingement syndrome Arthroscopic subacromial decompression 0
Contracture Arthroscopic capsular release 37
Recurrent dislocation of shoulder joint Arthroscopic Bankart repair 22
SLAP injury Arthroscopic labrum repair 5
Shoulder osteoarthritis Total shoulder arthroplasty 18
Bone fracture Arthroscopic osteosynthesis 2
  Open reduction and osteosynthesis 16
  Hemi/Total shoulder arthroplasty 11
Acromioclavicular dislocation Arthroscopic coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction 4
  Open reduction and internal fixation 0
Others (shoulder)   9
Baseball elbow Arthroscopic resection of osteophyte/joint free body 7
Elbow osteoarthritis plasty/mobilization 2
Others (elbow)   14
Total   277

Click here for surgical cases not mentioned above » Orthopedic surgery: “Number of operative cases”

Center Features

Dual treatment is possible based on both sports orthopedics and internal sports medicine.

The Center also has the department of “internal sports medicine” that focuses on the prevention and treatment of internal problems incurred by exercise or sports. In conjunction with an orthopedic approach, our physicians treat sports-related internal ailments of athletes and exercise lovers in a comprehensive manner to return them to good physical condition and improve performance to enable them to continue engaging in the sports activities they enjoy.
[Ailments frequently observed in internal sports medicine]
 ● Sports anemia ● Exercise-induced asthma ● Absence of menstruation, etc.

Close collaboration with other departments

Close coordination with other departments enables us to treat patients with coexisting illnesses involving internal organs or cardiovascular issues in a consecutive manner before hospitalization for surgery.
Range of medical treatment: internal medicine, cardiovascular medicine, digestive medicine, diabetic medicine, respiratory medicine, etc.

Community-based medical practice

With the goal of providing community-based medical treatment, the Center specializes in sports-related orthopedics and joint surgery. It is inconvenient for residents to visit a faraway medical facility, the availability of specialized orthopedic treatment right here in Akashi City alleviates the need for local residents to travel to facilities located in other cities.

Our staff

  • Outpatient clinic for shoulder and elbow joints

    Hisayoshi Tachihara

    Hisayoshi Tachihara (Director of the Center)
    [Year of graduation]
    [Fields of specialization]
    Shoulder and elbow disorders, sports orthopedic surgery, artificial joints
    [Board certified member, medical specialist]
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    Medical specialist of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Musculoskeletal rehabilitation physician certified by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Sport physician certified by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    [Messages to patients]
    Many patients overwork themselves without noticing slight abnormalities in their bodies (for example, a stiff or weak muscle around the shoulder blade or the pelvis), eventually developing into shoulder or lower back pain. In particular, this is frequently the case with sports injury patients who do not recognize any abnormalities in their body and fail to stay in good shape. At the Center, we identify abnormalities (the cause of pain), which patients tend to overlook, and provide treatment centered on physical therapy. Specifically, for disorders of the shoulder or the elbow caused by pitching, we work to help patients to return to sporting activities and even improve their performance in collaboration with a physical therapist specializing in sports injuries. For patients whose disorders are difficult to treat with medication or physical therapy alone, we perform detailed examinations, including MRI testing, and if required, conduct minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopic surgery so that they can resume their activities of daily living or sports as early as possible.
  • Souichirou Kitayama
    Souichirou Kitayama (part-time doctor)
    [Year of graduation]
    [Fields of specialization]
    Shoulder and elbow joints
    [Board certified member, medical specialist]
    Medical specialist of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    Former team doctor for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (a professional baseball team in Japan)
    [Messages to patients]
    I specialize in the treatment of shoulder and elbow joint disorders. A large number of middle-aged and older persons who have pain in the shoulder joint tend to leave it untreated thinking that it is only a frozen or stiff shoulder due to age and will disappear sooner or later. But there are a number of pathological conditions that can cause shoulder pain. Some patients leave it untreated and end up visiting the doctor only after their ailments become very severe and they can no longer can be operated on. Some younger patients who actively engage in sports activities develop a pain or ailment of the shoulder or elbow joint. Such young patients can expect a complete cure through rehabilitation without the need for a long break from their sport if they seek treatment as early as possible. You should not leave pain in your shoulder or elbow unchecked. We have experienced rehabilitation staffers and a complete treatment system at the Center. Please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Outpatient treatment for hip/knee/ankle joints

    Yasuo Onishi

    Yasuo Onishi (part-time doctor)
    [Year of graduation]
    [Fields of specialization]
    Sports-related arthroscopic surgery, knee osteotomy, artificial joints, sports-derived external injuries and disorders, sports medicine
    [Board certified member, medical specialist]
    Medical specialist of the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Rheumatologist certified by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Doctor of spine and spinal cord disorders certified by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Rehabilitation doctor certified by the Japanese Orthopaedic Association
    Sports doctor of the Japan Sports Association
    A member of the Japanese Olympic Committee training staff
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)
    [Messages to patients]
    I was born and raised here in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture, and entered Kobe University to become a doctor. I belonged to soccer teams throughout my high school and college days, playing with all my heart as a forward, and I suffered from countless injuries.

    After becoming a doctor, my role switched and as a specialist who supports soccer players and other athletes, I give my best every day with a great interest in the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

    With the intention of making whatever contribution I can to the local community of my hometown, Akashi, I decided to joined the Center and apply my knowledge and experience. I am committed to providing the best treatment possible, so please feel free to consult me.

Consultation schedule

  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
- Tachihara - Tachihara - Tachihara
(specialized shoulder/joint outpatient session)
By appointment only
- Onishi
By appointment only


- Kitayama
By appointment only



- -
- - - Tachihara
(specialized shoulder/joint outpatient session)
By appointment only
- -
Specialized knee outpatient session
- - - The physician
(Once monthly. Varies each month)
By appointment only
The physician
(Once monthly. Varies each month)
By appointment only

Dr. Tachihara & Dr. Kitayama:Shoulder/elbow disorders, sports disorders of the upper extremities
Dr. Onishi:Hip joint/knee/ankle disorders, sports disorders of the lower extremities
Knee specialist:Knee disorders, sports disorders of the lower extremities

Appointment call center TEL 078-935-2940 (9:00-17:00 on week days, 9:00-13:00 on Saturdays)

The Akashi Sports Orthopedic & Joint Surgery Center in Okubo Hospital
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TEL: 078-935-2563 / FAX: 078-935-2566

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